Going Off Script

I followed the proverbial script. I went to college, did my extracurriculars, had an internship, and graduated with my degree in the spring of 2016. I did what I was told I was suppose to do. It is one year later and I still have no job. I should be mad or depressed that I worked so hard for four years and I can’t find work in my field. However, I decided that I was going to take this setback and learn from it.
Life doesn’t follow the proverbial script, it does what it wants. You have to learn to take this curveballs, like the fact that I still don’t have a job and work with them. I realized that there is only so much I could do by sitting in my room and spending hours applying to jobs. I needed to do something that allowed me to be creative. I started writing, not just for myself but also to add to my portfolio.

Whenever I write a person essay, article, or whatever I like to submit it to a website. It’s a good way to get my name and skills out there. Even if I don’t get published, I know I’m not wasting my time by doing nothing. I set goals for myself, like how much do I want to write a week. I’ve made a schedule to keep some structure, because I am not writing for anyone but myself. I write about what I want, which is fun.

I’m currently working three jobs as well as writing a book. Well, it does seem like I am juggling a lot, I know one day all this hard work will pay off. Two of my jobs are customer service and one is a freelance social media gig. I still get to do what I am trained to do as well as make money until I start my career. These jobs have also showed me what I don’t want in a career. I can honestly say, that I was not meant to be in customer service. However, I’ve learned how to deal with people and keep your cool in high pressure situations.

I have a good amount of time to do my hobbies. I’m advancing my photography and videography skills. I started a website that I am currently using as an online portfolio. I do a small amount of HTML editing, not enough to create a full site but enough to do simple touch ups. I learned these skills in school and by using them I keep them fresh in my mind. My collection is Cosmo magazines is a non skill hobby, that I do just for me.

I started better myself mentally and physically. In college, I fell victim to four years of the freshman fifteen and bouts of depression. After I graduated I realized something had to change. Kicking my bad habits have been a struggle but I take it a day at a time. I am trying to eat healthier and be more active. I noticed the signs of when things don’t feel totally alright. I ignored my health for so long and now I am trying to rectify that.

I have this habit of doing nothing during my free time, so I try to be productive. I look for ways to volunteer or do something to better myself. Most times it ends up with me hiking or taking mini road trips to well known touristy places in my state. I’ll go to museums, art galleries, or national landmarks.

It may be a bummer to not get a job immediately after college. However, use this time you have to better yourself, professionally and personally. I know that one day I will get hired in my field, until then I will be doing these things. Applying for a job is a job itself, don’t give up, and keep applying but don’t let it consume you either. You may have done everything you were suppose to and feel entitled to a job. That’s just not what life had planned for you and sometimes you just have to go off script.

*Originally Posted on Onmogul.com

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